The Hivers have arrived! With this deck, you have access to the new insect archetype, the Hivers. Every monster, and some spells, in the deck are these nasty, little bugs. Even better, most specialise in summoning even more of their buddys to the field to swarm your opponent. And if you run out of space, you can play Hiver Colony to give you even more monster card zones for your little beasties. Each Deck has 40 cards, most of them new Cards, a rulebook, a cutomized Duelling Mat, and Dueling guide which assists a Duelist in taking his game to the next level.

Spoiler Card List

SDHS-001 Hiver Queen

SDHS-002 Hiver Drillmaster

SDHS-003 Hiver Colony Guard

SDHS-004 Toxic Hiver

SDHS-005 Hiver Cannibal x 3

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