Imperial Thunder Guards
USA English Imperial Thunder Guards
Japan-flag Japanese 悪の帝国ガードを雷します。
Japan-flag Translated Thunder Overlord's Imperial Guard
Attribute Light Light
Type(s) [ Thunder/Effect ]
Level Level 5 StarStarStarStarStar
ATK/DEF 2300 / 1700
Lore This card cannot be Special Summoned except from the Graveyard by Tributing 1 "Royal Thunder Guards" you control. When this card is Normal Summoned, select 6 Thunder-Type monsters in your Graveyard. Return those cards to your Deck, then draw 2 cards. If a face-up "Zaborg" monster you control would be removed from the field, you can destroy this card instead.
Sets Majestic Dawn 2 (MD2-EN018)
Rarity Common
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