Welcome to the mainpage of Jinchuuriki-Warefare please do enjoy your stay.

What is Jinchuuriki-Warefare?

Jinchuuriki-Warfare is a relatively small community of Naruto based RPG where we create our own ninja's, Jutsu's and even clans! We differ alot from the original canon, but still follow many of its bases and terms. It can be easily found by google search engine by typing the full name.

What's The Deal with these cards?

I think of them as a new Archetype of monsters: "Monsters with Pokémon Names" It'll be helpful to when it's time to make effects useful only to these creatures.

Can I help?

This depends, if you are one of the members of Jinchuuriki-Warefare community, and you have contacted me then yes it would be an honor for me to get helped.

Is there a set number for these cards?

Yes, these are sorted by their Series code, which by now, only series one the jin series exist, its set number is JIN-xxx where xxx is the number of the card.

I see a number after the name of the ninja, why is that there?

This is a little idea i came up for when a character gets a boost in the rpg, in Jinchuuriki following the canon rules, the ninja's are divided into ranks which show the individuals abbilities these are used to show how many stars and what rank the ninja is.

The numbars are set as following, 1 or 2 for Academy Students, 3 or 4 for Genin, 5 or 6 for Chunin, 7 or 8 for Jounin, 9 or 10 for Tokubetsu Jounins and 11 or 12 for the heads of villages also known as Kage.

Will cards ever stop getting made?

This will never finish, as every day, new people join and be approved.

So can we see the cards now after all this talking?

Yes here they are :

   Jin Series

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