Jinzo - Evolution-Master
Jinzo - EvoMaster
USA English: Jinzo - Evolution-Master
Creator: GMOC
Card Attribute: Dark Dark
Card Type(s): Machine/Effect
Level: Level 3 StarStarStar
ATK/DEF: 100/200
Card Lore: This card cannot be destroyed except by your own tributes or battle when this card attacks. You take no damage from battles involving this card. When this card is normal summoned or flip-summon special summon up to 2 "Jinzo - Kid"(s) from your deck to your side of the field. Once per turn, you may discard a LV 3 - LV 8 monster card from your hand to evolve a Face-Up "jinzo" monster you control into any other "jinzo" monster whose level is equal to the total level of the "jinzo" monster and the discarded monster.

LV4:- Jinzo - Searcher LV5:- Jinzo - Sniper LV6/7:- Jinzo LV8/9:- Jinzo - Lord.

Sets With This Card: Structure Deck:- Jinzo's Wrath (SDJW-EN006c) Revolt of the Mecha-Lords (RML-EN043UR)
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