This booster pack is made up of cards that make little to no sense. There are actual cards here, but most of the cards are just things to laugh at. If you want to make a strange card, you're free to use this booster pack. I hope this makes you a little happier.

Just for Laughs
(TCG - English)

Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
JFL-000 Parodius Secret Rare Effect Monster
JFL-001 Otomedius Red Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JFL-002 Otomedius Blue Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JFL-003 Psyche Fiend Common Effect Monster
JFL-004 Contract of Psychology Common Normal Spell
JFL-008 Dice Jar #3 Common Effect Monster
JFL-069 Lovely Dark Magician Girl Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JFL-015 Ra-eem Common Spell-Trap
JFL-022 Censorship Rare Normal Spell
JFL-038 Fused Exodia Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JFL-049 Green Blood Common Trap
JFL-0G3 Insane Unbeatable Fiend Super Rare Normal Monster
JFL-144 Th Rchfnd F Mndz Super Rare Effect Monster
JFL-A61 La La La Rare Normal Spell
JFL-XXX Coin Jar 687 Rare Normal Spell
JFL-113 Epic PAIL! Rare Normal Trap
JFL-021 Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia Super Rare Normal Spell
JFL-034 Dot Secret Rare Normal Monster
JFL-086 Payment Common Normal Spell
JFL-125 Searcher Super Rare Normal Monster
JFL-pxx Xanatos Gambit Ultra Rare Normal Spell
JFL-22 No-Guard Fierce Berserker Rare Effect Monster
JFL-23 Shiva of the Infinite Hands Common Effect Monster
JFL-29 White Elephant Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JFL-33 Gemini Gemini Common Gemini Monster
JFL-Wheeeee! Ally Swap Rare Normal Spell
JFL-LOB THE ULTIMATE MONSTER!!!!! Incredibly Unbelievably Ultimate Secret Super Rare Normal Monster
JFL-9000 Wasted Paper Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to Common Continuous Spell
JFL-Epic Ultimate Lord - Grand Dragon Ghost Rare Normal Monster

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