The "Knightmare" archetype is a series of monsters with names that, in someway, relate to "darkness". The archetype focuses on summoning multiple monsters and banishing the opponent's monsters, as if the opponent's monsters are, in a way, "unworthy". Most of the support cards either Special Summon a monster or banish a monster. The opponent's banished monsters are extremely vital to the gameplay of this Deck.


Knightmare Erebus

Knightmare Gethen

Knightmare Maura

Knightmare Nerezza

Knightmare Aeron

Knightmare Thana

Knightmare Valdis

Knightmare Akeldama

Knightmare Apollyon

Knightmare Cerberus

Knightmare Vivilith

Extra Deck:

Knightmare Inferno

Knightmare Cadaver

Knightmare Corvo

Knightmare Marduk

Knightmare Mortimer

Knightmare Lucius Dragon


Dream Destroyer

Knightmare Greatsword

The Knightmare Underworld

Lucius Flame

Styx Banish

Soul Collapse

Immortal Curse

Dark Dream Energy


Immortal Shackles

Dark Knight's Mirror

Knightmare Gargoyle

Knightmare Lightning