Kogeki Groza is a fictional character, appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! HYPERFORCE by StarlightSG. He is a rival of Tsuyoi Hogami, as well as one of his childhood friends. He is known to be a strategic genius, being able to manipulate and use people to his own advantage.


Kogeki himself is a strong asset in the battle against the Cult of Chaos, as he is strong enough to take on one or two cultists at a time, while also being able to manipulate them into accidentally failing their mission, or straight up manipulating them into losing. He tends to only use this on people that he dislikes, however, as he respects his friends too much to manipulate them. Similarly to Tsuyoi, he is very dedicated to the ideology of respect, and chooses to respect others until they are rude to him in any way.


Kogeki himself has a smaller build than Tsuyoi, however he uses this to his advantage, as he is more agile than Tsuyoi. He himself has purple hair which sticks up, in fairly rough ways, having seemingly no pattern, with some spikes being taller than the others going in different directions, although Kogeki seems to not mind. He usually wears typical karate gear, tied together by his black belt, and wears a plain black tee underneath it all.


Tsuyoi Goyami - Closest rival and childhood friend.

Yufa Goyami - Classmate and friend.

Shirumi Kotoya - Classmate and friend.


Kogeki uses a Shadow Knight Deck, which focuses on recycling cards and Constellation Summoning by using stall-ish Cometshower spell and trap cards.
Zodiac Revelation Arc Deck