Kosumo is a former member of the Dark Elite, strange men who seek the truth to the world. He left the group, sending two of their members to the shadow realm, before fleeing with his deck to Neo-Domino City. The majority of his past is unknown, but he has hinted to play two different decks for different occasions.


Kosumo appears to be average height. He had spiked, white hair that can sometimes get in his face. Kosumo seems to always keep a serious expression on his face. He looks normal overall, but underneath his jacket, he hides a secret. Thanks to his chaos-binding item, a shadow item, darkness has been slowly eating away at his body, starting from his right arm, where he wears the ring.

Kosumo carries a standard-looking Duel-disk.


Only one of his two hinted decks has been revealed so far. Kosumo utalizes an Endless Universe deck, which allows him to continually reset the dual to his liking. He often uses removal cards to get what he wants out of a duel.

Kosumo's Deck.