This is a booster pack that I started because I didn't want to put a lot of really powerful cards in my Order of Chaos deck. So this is a place that will have chaotic cards, or have cards with chaotic tendencies, etc. This booster pack was created by THECATASTROPHE.


LODC - 001 Path to Armageddon

LODC - 002 Multiplying Mushroom

LODC - 003 Darkfire Magician

LODC - 004 Darkfire Magician Girl

LODC - 005 Star Magician

LODC - 006 Darkfire Burst

LODC - 007 Fusion Across Elemental Boundaries

LODC - 008 AIDA Sample

LODC - 009 AIDA Cannon

LODC - 010

LODC - 011


If you wish to help expand this booster pack, message me(TheCatastrophe) on my talk page, and I will decide if you can help or not.

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