The Lightcirforce Destruction Deck is created By User:X1Shadow125.


The power of the Lightcirforce has arrived! Your opponent will beg for mercy with this deck of Light Monsters. Think you can handle it? Unleash the light within!!!

Type of CardsEdit

2 Normal Monsters,

17 Effect Monsters,

1 Ritual Monster,

2 Fusion Monsters,

13 Normal Spells,

2 Quick-Play Spells,

1 Ritual Spell,

3 Normal Traps,

1 Counter Trap


Common - 10

Rare - 19

Super Rare - 6

Ultra Rare - 5

Secret Rare - 2


LCFD-000 Long Snake Dragon

LCFD-001 Blaster

LCFD-002 Ghost of Haunted

LCFD-003 Ultimate Dragon of Light

LCFD-004 Cannon Dragon

LCFD-005 Long-Tailed Dragon of Light

LCFD-006 Master Warrior of Water

LCFD-007 Master Warrior of Fire

LCFD-008 Master Warrior of Wind

LCFD-009 Master Warrior of Electricity

LCFD-010 Master Warrior of Ice

LCFD-011 Master Warrior of Shadow

LCFD-012 Master Warrior of Nature

LCFD-013 Ultimate Master Warrior

LCFD-014 Ultimate Machine Dragon

LCFD-015 Regenerating Solider

LCFD-016 Chain Smasher

LCFD-017 Chain Warrior

LCFD-018 Apprentice Warrior

LCFD-019 Master of Chain

LCFD-020 King Light Dragon

LCFD-021 Unknown Fusion


LCFD-022 Light Destruction

LCFD-023 Grenade

LCFD-024 Disable

LCFD-025 Tsunami

LCFD-026 Burning Skies

LCFD-027 Heavy Winds

LCFD-028 Thunder Strikes

LCFD-029 Iceplosion

LCFD-030 Shadow Ball

LCFD-031 Nature Wrap

LCFD-032 Blast to Eternity

LCFD-033 Dragon Blast

LCFD-034 Master Warrior Destruction

LCFD-035 A Dragon Comes

LCFD-036 Chaining Ritual

LCFD-037 Non-Tribute


LCFD-038 Light Shield

LCFD-039 Cycle

LCFD-040 Reverse Side

LCFD-041 The Virus

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