Created by Obliviousdream

This is a deck created entirely out of custom love based cards. Supposedly, there's nothing more powerful than love (Or apparently a woman scorned...-_-) So, with that in mind, I designed these cards for a character in an RP I'm doing. I also thought it would be a fun thing to try. I'm definately gonna expand on it more later, but I need to go to sleep. So, without further ado, please enjoy my new deck, Love At First Sight.

Oh, and if you disagree with everything being unlimited, please tell me. I'm not sure what I should limit. Thanks ^_^

Lovers Cards


The Lovers - Estranged Lover - Ex-Boyfriend - Ex-Girlfriend - Blushing Bride - Dashing Groom

Spell Cards

First Date - Second Date - Third Date - Royal Wedding - Wedding Gifts

Trap Cards

Break-Up - Valentine's Day - Love At First Sight (Card)

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