Master Of the Supernatural is a created booster pack by User:Roddersj04 Thirty-Seven cards have been released so far, out of Fourty-Two. The cover card is Hydra God Dragon

Card BreakdownEdit

==Rarity==Bold text

2 Ultimate Rare

1 Secret Rare

4 Ultra Rare

9 Super Rare

8 Normal Rare

18 Common


19 Monster (0 Normal, 16 Effect, 1 Ritual, 1 Fusion, 1 Synchro)

12 Spell (4 Normal, 2 Equip, 0 Continuous, 4 Quick-Play, 1 Field, 1 Ritual)

6 Trap (4 Normal, 1 Continuous, 1 Counter)

List of CardsEdit

MOTS-001: Hydra Dragon

MOTS-002: Hydra God Dragon

MOTS-003: Hollow Swordsman

MOTS-004: Lock-On!

MOTS-005: Quasar

MOTS-006: Ancient Sundail

MOTS-007: Legendary Phoenix

MOTS-008: Twin Swordsman

MOTS-009: Parralel Fusion

MOTS-010: Final Draw

MOTS-011: Reclaimed Life

MOTS-012: Effect Transfer

MOTS-013: Fire-Heart Summoning

MOTS-014: Fire-Heart Dragon

MOTS-015: Shadow Of The Collosus

MOTS-016: Weapons Holding Area

MOTS-017: Immortal Fusion

MOTS-018: Trap Magnet

MOTS-019: Cyclone Dragon

MOTS-020: Blaze Dragon

MOTS-021: Tidal Dragon

MOTS-022: Crater Dragon

MOTS-023: Hollow Dragon

MOTS-024: Bright Dragon

MOTS-025: Dragon Summoning

MOTS-026: Elemental Dragon

MOTS-027: Shadownight Dragon

MOTS-028: Justice Unit

MOTS-029: Glass Barrier

MOTS-030: Warco Dragon

MOTS-031: Godsend Dragon

MOTS-032: Dragon God Of War

MOTS-033: God Transformation

MOTS-034: God Of War

MOTS-035: Cursed Sword Of Voctory

MOTS-036: Dust Trooper

MOTS-037: Weapon Swap

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