As the world ages, technology grows. Everything in our world is becoming more advanced. Our lives are interwoven with the interactions of computer intelligence. But what if these AI units learned too much of what we do? Will they go against our commands and conduct a war with mankind? A new era is soon to begin! The age of machines approaches with every passing moment. The Mech Revolution will tear our lives apart!

Note: These cards were inspired by the "Terminator" movies and "I-Robot".

Note 2.0: "Mech" monsters do not include the Fairy-Type "Majestic Mech" monsters...

Mech Cards

Monster Cards

Assault Team - Scout Team - Flash Bomb - Scatter Bomb - Blaster - Ambassador - Cannon - Commander - Knight - Turret

Assassin - Scope - Guardian - Royal Guard

Royal Sergeant - Innova, Queen of the Mech - Revolu, King of the Mech

Spell Cards

Mech Self-Destruct

Assembly Line - Mech Factory - Recycle and Reload

Mech Decoy - Mech Reign Storm - Scrap Yard

Trap Cards

Intercepted Signals

Limiter Attachment - Corrupted Network - Disassembly Line

Hidden Mech Explosive - Mechanical Upgrade - Wireless Mech Network

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