The Mechsaders are a group of EARTH Machine-Type monsters that can be Special Summoned from the hand (although their Special Summons are counted as Normal Summons) by sending Machine-Type monsters from the hand or field to the Graveyard. This effect is designed specifically to bypass effects that limit players from Tribute Summoning. Depending on where monsters are sent from, these monsters gains a selection of added effects.

Playing StyleEdit

The Mechsaders can still be Normal Summoned or Set, their effects simply offer an extra way of Summoning them if activate effects make Special Summoning them preferable. Also, when they are Special Summoned by their own effects, they gain additional, beneficial effects. Almost all their effects revolve around Battle Damage, and either increasing it when they attack or reducing it when they are attacked.

Mechsaders are only truly useful in dedicated Machine-Type Decks (e.g. "Morphtronics", "Reactors" or "Ancient Gears"), since they can only be Special Summoned by sending Machine-Type monsters to the Graveyard. However, they can provide an easy beatstick if you send two weak Machine-Types to the Graveyard to Summon one of "Mechsader Crossblade" or "Mechsader Oceanforce".


The biggest weakness of the Mechsaders is that their Special Summons are still treated as Normal Summons, so you can only summon one per turn, unless you activate cards like "Double Summon" or "Ultimate Offering". Also, if Normal Summoned, they do not gain their effects and their ATK and DEF stats are not especially high for their Levels. In addition, Summoning any of them will take a toll on your hand if you send monsters purely from there.

Also note that the Mechsaders 'send', they do not 'discard', so any monster effect that activates when it is discarded by a card effect will not activate.

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