Magic and fire comes from the sun. Here´s a new collection of cards, plus old ones you know. I WILL UPLOAD OFTEN, ITS HARD AND I NEED HELP, SO WATCH OFTEN FOR NEW CARDS AVAILABLE.

01 Dark Magician Girl

02 Joyous Magician Girl

03 Solar Infant

04 Dark Magician

05 Magician´s Valkyria

06 Magic Call

07 White Sorcerer

08 Crystal Beast Aquamarine Phoenix

09 Magical Girl

10 M-Miracle Monster

11 Dark-Light Mirror

12 Moon Fairy

13 Mage of the White Forest

14 Lucky 7

15 Life Dices

16 Apolo Eclipsus

17 Yugi´s Advice

18 Flippin´Facedown

19 Multi-device Trap

20 Ultimate Explosion

21 Comeback!

22 Solar crystal

23 Magician´s Enchanted Clock

24 Magician´s Circle

25 Magic Formula

26 Dark Curtain

27 Solar Pegasus

28 Pyro Eruption

29 Hat trick

30 Forefather of spellcasters

31 Fantasy Dragon

32 Solar Phoenix

33 Solar Tiger

34 Solar Ladybug

35 Sialeed-Servant of Apolo

36 Solar King Apolo

37 Merlin, King of Spellcasters

38 Fractal Flower

39 Fantasy- Spellcaster World

40 Dark Abyssal

41 Dark Magician Valkyria

42 Dark Magician of Chaos

Made by dapichu.

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