Odd-Eyes Burst Dragon
USA English Odd-Eyes Burst Dragon
Japan-flag Japanese オッドアイズ・バースト・ドラゴン
Japan-flag Romaji Oddoaizu Bāsuto Doragon
Creator Hawkatana
Attribute DARK DARK
Type(s) Dragon/Overdrive/Pendulum/Effect
Limit 7 LimitStarLimitStarLimitStarLimitStarLimitStarLimitStarLimitStar
ATK / DEF 3000 / 2500
Pendulum Scale 4 Pendulum Scale 4
Pendulum Effect Once per turn; if you have another card in your Pendulum Zone, you may declare a Pendulum Scale from 1 to 10 (it cannot be equal to the pendulum scale of the card in your other Pendulum Zone); this turn, this card becomes that Pendulum Scale.
Lore 1 Driver monster + 1 Pendulum OR Overdrive monster
Must first be Overdrive Summoned. If this card is Overdrive Summoned using "Burst Flame Overdrive Dragon" as an Overdrive Material; reduce the ATK of all monsters your opponent controls to 0. When this card destroys an opponent's monster in battle, inflict damage equal to your opponent equal to the difference between this card's ATK and the original ATK of that monster; this card can make up to 3 attacks on monsters your opponent controls. When this card is destroyed by battle or card effect while in the Monster Zone; you may set this card in your Pendulum Zone.
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