Power Of The Dueling Rider

A booster pack created by kao backup.

Power Of The Dueling Rider is a booster pack created by User:kao backup It's theme will be about the d-wheel and the best duelists from yu-gi-oh!, yu-gi-oh! gx and 5d's. If you would like to help, leave a message on the talk page.


in the 22th century, dueling has evoled from the creation of the d-wheel, the fusion of the motercycle and the duel disk plus of the split of Satellite and neo domino a war for the title of "duel king" begings with : The Power Of The Dueling Rider!' With it, it has brought its fury, starts the revolution of Satellite and Neo Domino City. Are you ready to master the duelist's of Satellite secret weapon?

Card List

potdr-En000: Advanced Speed World - Accel

Set created by User:kao backup (c) 2008

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