Welcome to my project~! Its my made up Neo series.

Okay I will explain them easily, Neo monsters are effect monster that are in animal form (No human neo monsters except for their Fusion and Synchro monsters). All Neo monsters must have "Neo" in their name.


  1. Normal Effect Monsters:
    1. Neo Phoenix
    2. Neo Dragon
    3. Neo Tiger
    4. Neo Turtle
  2. Fusion Effect Monsters:
    1. Red-Eyes Neo Dragon
    2. Neo Maiden of the Aqua
    3. Gazelle the Neo King of Mythical Beasts
    4. Neo Dark Magician
  1. Spell Cards/
    1. Neo Polymerization
    2. Neo Elimination Chamber
    3. The Elemental Breakdown
  1. Trap cards
    1. Neo Bazooka

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