The latest booster pack by Chaos josh. A new archetype, Eberr, has been created. Eberr cards gain power based on sending your own spell and trap cards to the graveyard. There are also more Dark Counterpart, and some support for the "Fairy" type.

Prophecies of Eberr
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
PoE - 001 Avatar of Might Secret Rare Effect Monster
PoE - 002 Sentinel of the Skies Common Normal Monster
PoE - 003 Divine Fairy Common Normal Monster
PoE - 004 Divine Eberr Fairy Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PoE - 005 Agent of Eberr Common Effect Monster
PoE - 006 Dark Spell Canceller Rare Effect Monster
PoE - 007 Obsidian Golem Super Rare Effect Monster
PoE - 008 Intellegent Weapon from Eberr Common Union Monster
PoE - 009 Eberr Slasher Common Effect Monster
PoE - 010 Eberr Crusher Common Effect Monster
PoE - 011 Eberr Juggernaut Super Rare Effect Monster
PoE - 012 Fairy of Discovery Common Effect Monster
PoE - 013 Fairy of Life Common Effect Monster
PoE - 014 Dark Guardian Elma Rare Effect Monster
PoE - 015 Dark Valkyrion the Magna Warrior Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PoE - 016 Eberr Sorcerer Common Effect Monster
PoE - 017 Eberr Magician Rare Effect Monster
PoE - 018 Eberr Scavenger Super Rare Effect Monster
PoE - 019 Daggers of Eberr Common Quick-Play Spell
PoE - 020 Eberr Crates of Spells Rare Continuous Spell
PoE - 021 Eberr Spellbook Rare Continuous Spell
PoE - 022 Eberr Fireball Common Continuous Spell
PoE - 023 Research of Eberr Common Normal Spell
PoE - 024 Excavation Super Rare Continuous Spell
PoE - 025 Citadel of Pain Rare Field Spell
PoE - 026 Grim Revival Rare Continuous Spell
PoE - 027 Delayed Eberr Blast Super Rare Continuous Spell
PoE - 028 Surprise Attack by Eberr Common Continuous Spell
PoE - 029 Wand from Eberr Rare Quick-Play Spell
PoE - 030 Fairy's Blessing Common Normal Trap
PoE - 031 Eberr Shield Common Normal Trap
PoE - 032 Foil Ultra Rare Counter Trap
PoE - 033 Two-Pronged Strike Common Normal Trap
PoE - 034 Wraithful Strike Rare Normal Trap
PoE - 035 False Eberr Soldier Common Continuous Trap
PoE - 036 Eberr Golem Common Normal Trap

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