Created by Zambatuo

We all know the stories that surround the Golem. How they were created by Rabbi to be personal servants and used. One story in particular is of Rabbi Judah Loew the Maharal of Prague and how he used his Golem to defend the Ghetto's of Prague from anti-semitic attacks. This is my interest in the famed Golem. Their incomprehensible strength and growth to resemble living beings Is what they lend to their own legend. These are the mighty stone defenders, these are...

The Golem Defenders.

Golem Defender Monsters

Golem Defender LV2 - Golem Defender LV4 - Golem Defender LV6 - Golem Defender LV8 - Golem Defender LV10
Animated Gargoyle - Golem King Dragon


Defender's Kiln - Defender's Barkskin Tempering - Defender's Iron Armor Forge - Defender's Molten Steel Coat
Defender's Element Blade - Defender's Hunt Bow - Defender's Lord-Axe - Defender's Warshield
Defender's Windscythe


Day of Rest - Erasing the E - Ignoring the Sabbath - Mark of Life


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