Relic of Ijigen
USA English: Relic of Ijigen
JPN Japanese: ()()(げん)()(ぶつ)
JPN Phonetic: Ijigen no Ibutsu
JPN Translated: Relic of the Different Dimension
Creator: Danny Lilithborne
Card Attribute: Spell Card Spell
Property: Equip Equip
Card Lore: Equip only to a "D.D. Warrior", "D.D. Warrior Lady" or "D.D. Assailant" you control. If the Monster this card is equipped to is removed from play, remove the top card of your Deck from play and return this card to the top of your Deck. Then, on your next Standby Phase, Special Summon the Monster this card was equipped to.
Sets With This Card: "Duel Monsters Expert" - C4 Player-Made Cards - Volume 5
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