• These are assorted cards with no internal links. This booster is a complete mishmash of all the cards that are abandoned, and they're looking for a home. Please support these cards. They are in alphabetical order. If these cards are created by you wiki people, and you want to take it, feel free to edit this page.
Revenge of the Abandoned
(TCG - English)
Card Name Rarity Category
5 Super Rare Continuous Spell
Aang Common Normal Monster
Alien Common Normal Monster
Alien Armor Common Normal Monster
Alien Dragon Rare Normal Monster
Ancient God Dragon Secret Rare Fusion Monster
Angel Of Pure Light Common Normal Monster
Apple Common Equip Spell
Arcana Force II - THE HIGH PRIESTESS Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Armageddon Super Rare Field Spell
Ashore the god monarch Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Astro Magician Rare Effect Monster
Auracon the God of Water Super Rare Effect Monster
Beast Hero Swords-Hound Common Effect Monster
Berserk Destruction XV Ultra Rare Normal Spell
Black Luster Soldier - Omega Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
Blue Eyes White Obelisk Dragon Secret Rare Fusion Monster
Blue eyes chain slashing dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Bouncer Dragon Common Normal Monster
Cannon Pipe Common Effect Monster
Chaos Dark Magician Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
Chaos Dark Spell Common Ritual Spell
Chaos Emporer Dragon Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
Chaos Emperor Ritual Rare Ritual Spell
Citadel of the Dead Super Rare Continuous Spell
Cresselia Rare Effect Monster
Crystal Kitty Common Effect Monster
Cursed Stone Super Rare Field Spell
Cyberdark End Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
Dance of Black Magic Super Rare Continuous Trap
Dark Magician Backup Common Effect Monster
Dark Magician Prodigy Common Effect Monster
Dark Magician Soldier Rare Effect Monster
Dark Magician Trooper Common Effect Monster
Death Doll Super Rare Fusion Monster
Death Seeker Rare Effect Monster
Demolition Blast Common Normal Trap
Dialga, Master of Time Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Divine Knight Super Rare Effect Monster
Double Deal Rare Counter Trap
EVO Gigaslide Common Effect Monster
Elemental Hero Lightning Blaster Rare Fusion Monster
Elemental Heroes Unite Rare Normal Spell
F.G.D. - Five God Dragon Secret Rare Fusion Monster
Fiendish Five - Aqua Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
Fiendish Five - Luster Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
Fiendish Five - Meteor Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
Fiendish Five - Serpent Night Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
Fiendish Five - Tyrant Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
Final Tribute Rare Continuous Trap
Flaming Spirit Inpachi Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Fiendish Five - Tyrant Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
Forgotten River Common Field Spell
Frustration Super Rare Virus Trap
Ghost Blue eyes Ultra Rare Continuous Trap
Ghost of the Black Flame Lvl 1 Rare Effect Monster
Ghost of the Black Flame Lvl 3 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Goddess Skuld Rare Effect Monster
Goddess Skuld's Oracle Common Continuous Spell
Gravekeeper's General Rare Effect Monster
Hakisak Common Normal Monster
Heart of the Cards 494alex Super Rare Normal Spell
Heart of the cards Ultra Rare Quick-play Spell
Hero's Judgment Super Rare Continuous Spell
Ice Heart Common Continuous Spell
Jinzo MkII Ultra Rare Effect Monster
L Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Legendary Dark Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Light Yagami Rare Effect Monster
Lightning Soldier Common Gemini Monster
Mello Rare Effect Monster
Mine Layer Truck Rare Effect Monster
Misa Amane Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Mokey Mokey Machine Common Continuous Spell
Near Rare Effect Monster
Nessy's Revenge Common Normal Monster
Ow! My Foot! Rare Continuous Trap
Palkia, Ruler of Space Secret Rare Effect Monster
Pharoah of the Forbidden Valley Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Phircoa the God of Fire Super Rare Effect Monster
Reach Over Common Quick-play Spell
Reckless Assualter Super Rare Effect Monster
Red Dwarf Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Red Eyes Black Dragon of Ra Secret Rare Fusion Monster
Regmanar, the Grand Monarch Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Rem Common Effect Monster
Return from the afterlife Common Normal Spell
Ring of Black Magic Super Rare Field Spell
Royal Flush Super Rare Effect Monster
Ryuk Super Rare Effect Monster
Sacred Deity - Nephthys Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Screw The Rules! I Have Money! Rare Quick-Play Spell
Shadow dragon kardas Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Sirrush Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Skeleton Common Normal Monster
Skeleton Knight Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
Support Rare Quick-Play Spell
Sword of Transcendental Heaviness Common Equip Spell
TROGDOR the BURNiNATOR Secret Rare Effect Monster
Techno Transfer Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
The Eyes of the Tormentor Ultra Rare Normal Spell
Thundra - The Lighting God Super Rare Effect Monster
Ultimate Tributer Common Fusion Monster
Voodoo Doll of Demise Super Rare Effect Monster
Whit, Monarch of Dark World Super Rare Effect Monster
Wontax the Metal Monarch Ultra Rare Effect Monster
Zero- Avatar of the Abyss Rare Effect Monster

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