This page will soon be merged with my main page. Ripsteed 22:22, 12 June 2008 (UTC)

Ex-Hero Combo PackEdit

Current project. Check Ripsteed's Birds Of Prey for more information. Also check User:Ripsteed 30 cards.

Lords Of AnathemaEdit

An exclusive pack (like EHCP) that focuses on Revelation monsters. Google Revelation to find out more. 30 cards.

Turmoil Of The SiegeEdit

A booster pack for future works. I have already made the entire set on paper. Focuses on Reptile, Plant, and Xombie-Type monsters. Also includes Falkios and Osprios and many of their support cards. 103 cards.

Age Of AnathemaEdit

Another booster pack. Uses Revelation monsters mentioned above and "Beetle" insects. 108 cards.

Terror From The DungeonEdit

A booster pack that focuses on Fiends and "Dungeon" monsters. 110 cards.

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