'Does it seem that everytime you duel, you end up with less life points than your opponent? Then try this new Structure Deck of Doomforce monsters, who have beneficial effects when your opponent has higher life points than you.

Rise of the Doomforce
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Quantity Rarity Category
RIDO-EN001 Doomforce XIII - THE HIGH KING x1 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
RIDO-EN002 Doomforce V - THE SOLDIER x1 Common Normal Monster
RIDO-EN003 Dark Ruler Ha Des x1 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN004 Kuriboh x1 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN005 Doomforce I - THE PRIME x2 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN006 Doomforce II - THE SECONDARY x1 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN007 Doomforce III - THE GUARD x2 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN008 Doomforce IV - THE COMMANDER x2 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN009 Doomforce VI - THE FOOL x2 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN010 Doomforce VII - THE BEAST x2 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN011 Doomforce VIII - THE TACTICIAN x1 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN012 Doomforce IX - THE EMISSARY x1 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN013 Doomforce X - THE MASTER x1 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN014 Doomforce XI - THE LORD x2 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN015 Doomforce XII - THE TECHNICIAN x1 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN016 Archfiend of Speed x1 Common Effect Monster
RIDO-EN017 Brain Control x1 Common Normal Spell
RIDO-EN018 Dimension Fusion x1 Common Normal Spell
RIDO-EN019 Premature Burial x1 Common Equip Spell
RIDO-EN020 Giant Trunade x1 Common Normal Spell
RIDO-EN021 Creature Swap x1 Common Normal Spell
RIDO-EN022 Megamorph x1 Common Equip Spell
RIDO-EN023 Risky Pick x1 Common Normal Spell
RIDO-EN024 Gruesome Twosome x1 Common Normal Spell
RIDO-EN025 Bad Confiscation x1 Common Normal Spell
RIDO-EN026 Pot of Need x1 Common Normal Spell
RIDO-EN027 Death Plans x1 Common Normal Spell
RIDO-EN028 Solemn Judgement x3 Common Counter Trap
RIDO-EN029 Return from the Different Dimension x1 Common Normal Trap
RIDO-EN030 Bark of Dark Ruler x1 Common Normal Trap
RIDO-EN031 Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment x1 Common Normal Trap
RIDO-EN032 Protective Spirit x2 Common Continuous Trap
RIDO-EN033 Doomforce Defense x1 Ghost Rare Field Spell

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