• All the cards in this pack must be Limited or Semi-Limited cards. They must also have something to do with Dragons, Dragoons, or Flying-Type monsters. If you would like to help with this booster pack, please ask me at my talk page.
  • The Chaotic monsters have conquered the Dragons territory and now they are outraged. They have risen up to reclaim their lands. And you can harness their newly born powers.

Rise of the Dragons
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity
ROTD-001 Rise of Dragons Secret Rare
ROTD-002 Remorseful Rage Secret Rare
ROTD-003 Remit Secret Rare
ROTD-004 Land Repossession Secret Rare
ROTD-005 Volcano Range Secret Rare
ROTD-006 Return of Ultimate Dragon Knight Secret Rare
ROTD-007 Reclusive Dragon Secret Rare

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