Rise of the God is a set that focuses on Machine-types and the Doomforce cards, whose effects are beneficial when your Life Points are lower than your opponent's. Hence the support of Doomforce Gift.


Lucky Phoenix - RGD-000

Terror Blast - RGD-001

Claw of Regeneration - RGD-003

Cyber Gunwielder - RGD-004

Implosion - RGD-005

Machine Blader - RGD-006

Unlucky Phoenix - RGD-007

Secret Agent Tilos - RGD-008

Doomforce I - THE PRIME - RGD-009

Doomforce II - THE SECONDARY - RGD-010

Combination - RGD-011

Neobot - RGD-012

Doomforce III - THE GUARD - RGD-013

Doomforce Gift - RGD-014

Disguised Gremlin - RGD-015

Planned Assault - RGD-016

Double Neobot - RGD-017

Dimension Portal - RGD-018

Triple Neobot - RGD-019

Conversion from Magic to Spell - RGD-020

Thunder and Fire Dragon - RGD-021

Thunder Support - RGD-022

Ultra Rare Metal Dragon - RGD-023

Doomforce IV - THE COMMANDER - RGD-024

Doomforce V - THE SOLDIER - RGD-025

Electrical Discharge - RGD-026

Chaos-Born Greed - RGD-027

Mechano-Plane - RGD-028

Hayato, the Deity of the Machines - RGD-029

Red Fortress - RGD-030

Doomforce VI - THE FOOL - RGD-031

Death's Door - RGD-032

Flame Support - RGD-033

Doomforce VII - THE BEAST - RGD-034

Doomforce VIII - THE TACTICIAN - RGD-035

Doomforce IX - THE EMISSARY - RGD-036

Death Plans - RGD-037

Arcane Chaos - RGD-038

Bubble Being - RGD-039

Arcane Sky Blaster - RGD-040

Drill Machine 1 - RGD-041

Drill Machine 2 - RGD-042

Drill Machine 3 - RGD-043

Drill Machine Infinity - RGD-044

Mechanic Crystal Mech - RGD-045

Poison Warrior - RGD-046

Intercepting Sword Enchaza - RGD-047

Vortex Being - Volcanpyrocicator - RGD-048

Vortex Being - Torrentaquamariner - RGD-049

Master Machine Schwarz - RGD-050

Vortex Being - Forrester - RGD-051

Chaos Charity - RGD-052

Beacon of Chaos - RGD-053

Cyber Soldier - RGD-054

Mastery of the Dark - RGD-055

Nightmare Acceleration Catcher - RGD-056

Killing Spree - RGD-057

Doomforce X - THE MASTER - RGD-058

Ultimate God of the Realm - Hitoshi - RGD-059

Cyber Area-RGD-060


Chosen Path - RGD-ESPN1

Thunderbolt of Realmisc - RGD-ESPN2

Neobot V2. - RGD-ESPN3

Set created by User:Sean da king (c) 2008

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