• Introduces the new type Esper which are based off the Various Summons in Final Fantasy Games.
  • Focuses on Esper cards and there support.
  • card Set ( monsters, spells, traps).
  • The Set contains () Ultra Rares, () Super Rares, () rares and () Commons
  • Cover Cards are "Master Summoner - Arius & Bahamut".

Rise of the Summoners
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Level ATK DEF Rarity Category
ROTS-EN000 Bahamut 12 5000 5000 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ROTS-EN001 Ramuh, God of Thunder 9 3000 1500 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ROTS-EN002 Novice Summoner - Arius 2 800 800 Common Effect Monster
ROTS-EN003 Apprentice Summoner - Arius 4 1900 1500 Common Effect Monster
ROTS-EN004 Adept Summoner - Arius 6 2300 1700 Rare Effect Monster
ROTS-EN005 Expert Summoner - Arius 8 2800 1000 Super Rare Effect Monster
ROTS-EN006 Master Summoner - Arius 10 3000 2000 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ROTS-EN007 Alexander 12 Secret Rare Effect Monster
ROTS-EN008 Hasmal, Bringer of Order 8 2700 2500 Super Rare Effect Monster
ROTS-EN008 Zodiark, Keeper of the Precepts 11  ?  ? Ultra Rare Effect Monster

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