Schmirko & Valkyrion

Schmirko with "Valkyrion the Magna Warrior"

Schmirko is one of the characters who appear in the series Yu-Gi-Oh! Real Life Duel Links Series, the successor to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Real Life The Movie Series. It isn't clearly stated yet if he is a protagonist or an antagonist.

He is portrayed by the German YouTuber EM Schmirko. Therefore his mark is the cowboy hat which he wears almost every time.


Egyptian Gods vs Dragons

In 2016 the antagonist Alexander from Yu-Gi-Oh! Real Life The Movie Series appeared in a special episode again.[1] Schmirko didn't had an own appearance in the episode, but plays indirectly an important role. Alexander has stolen the old God Card deck from Tamas to duel him and to get his revenge. Tamas accepts and defeats Alexander in a tough match. During the duel, Tamas uses Schmirkos deck to beat Alexander, because according to the video description the duel was based on a video which was created by EM Schmirko, where the latter defeats Tamas' deck.


Firewall Dragon attacks Schmirko

Schmirko fighting against "Firewall Dragon"

In early 2018, Schmirko has his debut in the Trailer to EM Schmirkos Link Monster-Tutorial.[2] For an unknown reason he was transported into a digital Cyberspace alone where he is suddenly confronted with "Firewall Dragon". After he dodged a direct attack from the dragon he blocked a second one by drawing and Summoning "Lockout Gardna". At last he was able to Summon "Decode Talker" and defeat "Firewall Dragon" with it. While he wonders how to get out of the Space, "Kuriboh" appears and brings him, beside his cowboy hat back, a remote control. As Schmirko presses a button on it, the Cyberspace disappears and he is back in the real world. At the end he thanks "Kuriboh".

Duel Links Series

After the Cyberspace incident, he takes place as a participant in the Duel Links tournament, together with Tamas, Bence, etc.[3] Like the other characters, Schmirko's memory is erased, his Duel strenght is weakened, and he gets a new Deck for the tournament while he plays after the Duel Links rules. The only known card yet in his new Deck is "Valkyrion the Magna Warrior".[4]


Cyberspace incident

Opponent Episode Outcome
Firewall Dragon Linkmonster-Tutorial Win

In the Cyberspace video, Schmirko doesn't use his own cards. He got a deck with a lot of new cards which focus on summoning Link Monsters. He never used this deck again since then and only a few cards from the deck were seen in the duel.

Cyberspace Deck

Duel Links Series

In this series Schmirko doesn't use his own deck, but receives a new one. The only known card from this new deck yet is "Valkyrion the Magna Warrior".

Duel Links Deck


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