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Match wits with this Structure Deck! Cultivate your deck, and it will provide fruit in the form of victory! Okay, enough plant jokes...

Seeds of Victory is a new Structure Deck based on Plant-type monsters. Use tokens and special summons to out-pace your opponent! Claim victory with the new Ultra Rare card "Seeds of Doubt".

Monsters: 27 +2

  • Normal Monsters - 2
  • Effect Monsters - 24 +2
  • Ritual Monsters - 1

Spell Cards: 8

  • Normal Spells - 3
  • Continuous Spells - 3
  • Ritual Spells - 1
  • Field Spells - 1

Trap Cards: 5 +1

  • Normal Traps - 3 +1
  • Continuous Spells - 2

Promotional Cards

Within all "Seeds of Victory" Structure Decks are one of three cards. These cards are:

  1. Fairy Queen - Night Shade
  2. Lumberjack, or
  3. Venus Monster Trap.

Seeds of Victory
(TCG - English)

Set Number Card Name Category
SoV-001 Seeds of Doubt Effect Monster
SoV-002 Weeping Willow Normal Monster
SoV-003 Leaf Warrior Normal Monster
SoV-004 King Arborius Ritual Monster
SoV-005 Kakutasu Dragon Effect Monster
SoV-006 Mystic Tomato Effect Monster
SoV-007 Homunculus the Alchemic Being Effect Monster
SoV-008 Fairy King Truesdale Effect Monster
SoV-009 Botanical Lion Effect Monster
SoV-010 Lekunga Effect Monster
SoV-011 Lord Poison Effect Monster
SoV-012 Wodan the Resident of the Forest Effect Monster
SoV-013 Arcane Archer of the Forest Effect Monster
SoV-014 Dandylion Effect Monster
SoV-015 Gigaplant Effect Monster
SoV-016 Vampire Orchis Effect Monster
SoV-017 Des Dendle Effect Monster
SoV-018 Lonefire Blossom Effect Monster
SoV-019 Regenerating Rose Effect Monster
SoV-020 Poison Spores Effect Monster
SoV-021 Wodan, Eternal Guardian Effect Monster
SoV-022 Over-full Cactus Effect Monster
SoV-023 Watermallon Effect Monster
SoV-024 Master Druid Effect Monster
SoV-025 Sprite of the Rainforest Effect Monster
SoV-026 Crab Grass Effect Monster
SoV-027 Sickle-Wielding Scarecrow Effect Monster
SoV-028 Ritual of Awakening Ritual Spell
SoV-029 Token Thorn Continuous Spell
SoV-030 Ancient Druid Grove Field Spell
SoV-031 Revitalizing Fertilizer Normal Spell
SoV-032 Root Out Continuous Spell
SoV-033 Seed Packet Continuous Spell
SoV-034 Vengence of Nature Normal Spell
SoV-035 Restoration Balm Normal Spell
SoV-036 Token Feastevil Normal Trap
SoV-037 Sinister Seeds Normal Trap
SoV-038 Wall of Thorns Continuous Trap
SoV-039 Druidic Guard Continuous Trap
SoV-040 Timber Normal Trap
SoV-04X Lumberjack Effect Monster
SoV-04X Fairy Queen - Night Shade Effect Monster
SoV-04X Venus Monster Trap Normal Trap

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