Shapesnatch's Awful Power
Shapesnatch's Awful Power
USA English: Shapesnatch's Awful Power
Creator: Crow Lover
Card Attribute: Spell Card Spell
Property: Continuous Continuous
Card Lore: You may Special Summon 1 "Shapesnatch" from you hand or Deck. As long as this card is in play, Shapesnatch loses 1200 ATK and DEF and can equip itself to a Monster either player controls or unequip itself during a player's Main Phase 1. A Monster Card equipped with "Shapesnatch" is under the control of "Shapesnatch's" Owner as long as this card is in play and cannot switch owners even if a card's ability forbids it. If the card "Shapesnatch" is equipped to is destroyed, you may unequip Shapesnatch and reequip it to another card of your choice. If this card is destroyed, destroy all face-up "Shapesnatches" on the Field.
Sets With This Card: Emergence of Crows - ECR-057 - Super Rare
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