• Cover Card is "Sadistic Monster".
  • Focus on the old subset, Roaches.
  • Focus on the new subset, Paper.
    • The Paper Monsters increase in power when they destroy monsters! Once they destroy a monster and get a job advancement, they get various effects! Every 1st class Paper Monster gets to choose their own paths and abilities! Once destroyed, they get revived as their first form.
Clash of the Majesties
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
SRFT-EN000 Sadistic Monster Secret Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN001 Shockaroach Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN002 Blockaroach Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN003 Stalkaroach Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN004 Chaosroach Super Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN005 Holiroach Super Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN006 Marauding Fish Super Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN007 The Legendary Fisherman - Master of the Fish Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN008 Superancient Deepsea King Eobothus Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN009 Light Bulb Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN010 Mystical Space Dragon Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN011 Dust Tornado Dragon Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN012 Paper Warrior Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN013 Paper Mage Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN014 Paper Archer Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN015 Paper Thief Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN016 Paper Crusader Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN017 Paper Knight Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN018 Paper Wizard Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN019 Paper Sage Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN020 Paper Hunter Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN021 Paper Bard Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN022 Paper Rouge Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN023 Paper Assassin Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN024 Swamp Golem Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN025 Crescent Fairy Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN026 Heavy Armed Lizard Super Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN027 Titanic Kraken Common Effect Monster
SRFT-EN028 Paper Pet Common Union Monster
SRFT-EN029 Elemental Hero Bubbledge Super Rare Fusion Monster
SRFT-EN030 Elemental Hero Burnedge Super Rare Fusion Monster
SRFT-EN031 Roach Infestation Common Spell Card
SRFT-EN032 Roach Swarm Common Spell Card
SRFT-EN033 Perfect Fusion Ultra Rare Continuous Spell Card
SRFT-EN034 Risky Ante Super Rare Spell Card
SRFT-EN035 Elemental Tornado Common Spell Card
SRFT-EN036 Bad Confiscation Rare Spell Card
SRFT-EN037 Gruesome Twosome Rare Spell Card
SRFT-EN038 Risky Pick Rare Spell Card
SRFT-EN039 Pot of Need Rare Spell Card
SRFT-EN040 Dragonfly Dagger Common Spell Equip Card
SRFT-EN041 Paper Sword Common Spell Equip Card
SRFT-EN042 Paper Staff Common Spell Equip Card
SRFT-EN043 Paper Bow Common Spell Equip Card
SRFT-EN044 Paper Dagger Common Spell Equip Card
SRFT-EN045 Level Up!! Common Spell Card
SRFT-EN046 Roachville Common Spell Field Card
SRFT-EN047 Unknown Kingdom Common Spell Field Card
SRFT-EN048 Roach Escape Route Common Trap Card
SRFT-EN049 Roach Blast Common Trap Card
SRFT-EN050 Reflection-Attack Common Trap Card
SRFT-EN051 Anti-Attack Common Trap Card
SRFT-EN052 Meteor Burn Common Trap Card
SRFT-EN053 Order of the Imperial Super Rare Trap Card
SRFT-EN054 Stop Summon Super Rare Trap Counter Card
SRFT-EN055 Time Freeze Common Trap Counter Card
SRFT-EN056 Tree of Life Secret Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN057 Second Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN058 Messenger of Hope Secret Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN059 Quetzalcoatl - The Feathered Serpent Secret Rare Effect Monster
SRFT-EN060 Labyrinth of Doom Secret Rare Spell Field Card
SRFT-EN061 Thunderbolt! Secret Rare Spell Quick-Play Card
SRFT-EN062 Last Battle Secret Rare Trap Card
SRFT-EN063 Surprise Attack! Secret Rare Trap Counter Card

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