The roaring thunders are showing how shocking they truly are! Master the thunders and shock your opponent with "Sparking Lightning" This Structure Deck is ready to play with out of the box, so you can master their new strategies. Each Deck has 41 cards with 1 brand new Ultra Secret Rare Monster Card (wow!), 1 brand new Ultra Rare Monster Card, rulebook, and Dueling guide which assists a Duelist in taking his game to the next level.

Spoiler Card List
Clash of the Majesties
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Quantity Rarity Category
SPLG-EN001 Batteryman Z - Ultimate Batteryman x1 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SPLG-EN002 Batteryman AA x3 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN003 Batteryman D x1 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN004 Charge Battery Man x1 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN005 Battery Man - Button Cell x3 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN006 Battery Man - Industrial Type x1 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN007 Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon x1 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN008 Thunder Nyan Nyan x1 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN009 Batteryman X x1 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN010 Electrical Socket x3 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN011 Crusader of Thunder x1 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN012 The Calculator x1 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN013 The Creator x1 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN014 Thunder Master x1 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN015 Eel Blued x1 Common Effect Monster
SPLG-EN016 Mystical Space Typhoon x1 Common Quick Play Spell Card
SPLG-EN017 Premature Burial x1 Common Equip Spell Card
SPLG-EN018 Heavy Storm x1 Common Spell Card
SPLG-EN019 Smashing Ground x1 Common Spell Card
SPLG-EN020 Fissure x1 Common Spell Card
SPLG-EN021 Sakuretsu Armor x2 Common Trap Card
SPLG-EN022 Shrink x2 Common Quick Play Spell Card
SPLG-EN023 Stop Summon x1 Common Trap Card
SPLG-EN024 Monster Reborn x1 Common Spell Card
SPLG-EN025 Solemn Judgment x2 Common Counter Trap Card
SPLG-EN026 Battery Bomb x2 Common Trap Card
SPLG-EN027 Thunderbolt! x1 Common Quick Play Spell Card
SPLG-EN028 Battery Draw x3 Common Spell Card
SPLG-EN029 Rise of the Haunted x1 Common Continuous Trap Card
SPLG-EN030 Batteryman XZ - Fully Loaded x1 Ultra Secret Rare Fusion Monster
Dueling Guide