• Cover card is "Double Gyro Gizmo".
  • These are basically various misc. cards created by Supercomputer276.
  • Several cards focus on Gyro Monsters, a breed of Machine-Type monsters with several unique support cards. Gyro Monsters and corresponding support cards contain "Gyro" in their card names.
Tears of the Blackened Heart
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
TBH-001 Double Gyro Gizmo Secret Rare Effect Monster
TBH-002 Gyro Gizmo Rare Effect Monster
TBH-003 Gyro Punch Arm Common Equip Spell
TBH-004 Steel Alloy Common Equip Spell
TBH-005 Gyro Upgrade Rare Spell
TBH-006 Gyro Salvage Common Spell
TBH-007 Spiked Gyro Punch Common Equip Spell
TBH-008 Calcutta Joe Common Effect Monster
TBH-009 Overworked Common Trap
TBH-010 Black Gyro Gizmo Common  Effect Monster
TBH-011 Spirit of the Black Gyro Rare Effect Monster
TBH-012 Gyro Chain Arm Rare Equip Spell
TBH-013 Gyro Windfield Common Field Spell
TBH-014 Gyro Scrapyard Common  Field Spell
TBH-015 Life Shroom Super Rare Continuous Spell
TBH-016 Pure Gyro Gizmo Common Effect Monster
TBH-017 Spirit of the Pure Gyro Rare Effect Monster
TBH-018 Ying-Yang Gyro Gizmo Rare Fusion Effect Monster
TBH-019 Spirit of the Ying-Yang Gyro Super Rare Fusion Effect Monster
TBH-020 Compounding Error Common Continuous Trap
TBH-021 Game's End Virus Rare  Trap (Virus)
TBH-022 Virus Collector Common Effect Monster
TBH-023 Negavolt Virus Rare Trap (Virus)
TBH-024 Insectoid Exoskeleton Rare Continuous Trap
TBH-025 In Triplicate Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
TBH-026 Immediate Magic Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
TBH-027 Chain Link Fence Common Equip Spell
TBH-028 Passing the Torch Common  Continuous Spell
TBH-029 Faust's Contract Common Trap
TBH-030 Energy Transfer Virus Rare Trap (Virus)
TBH-031 Gyro Attack Unit Common Effect Monster
TBH-032 Unit of the Forbidden One Super Rare Effect Monster
TBH-033 Spare Gyro Common Effect Monster
TBH-034 Gyro Gear Grind Common Trap
TBH-035 Gyro Reflector Common Trap
TBH-036 Fusion Spike Virus Rare Trap (Virus)
TBH-037 Speed Spell - Spell Transportation Platforms Super Rare Continuous Spell
TBH-038 Hold It! Rare Spell
TBH-039 Take That! Rare Counter Trap
TBH-040 Desperate Measures Common Equip Spell
TBH-041 Magatama Super Rare Continuous Spell
TBH-042 Psyche-Locks Super Rare Continuous Trap
TBH-043 Magical Avatar Virus Rare Trap (Virus)
TBH-044 Dual-Field Spacial Tear Rare Continuous Spell
TBH-045 Gyro Synchron Common Tuner Monster
TBH-046 Pure Sync Gyro Gizmo Rare Synchro Monster
TBH-047 Black Sync Gyro Gizmo Rare Synchro Monster
TBH-048 Ying-Yang Sync Gyro Gizmo Super Rare Synchro Monster
TBH-049 Gyro Sync Arm Rare Equip Spell
TBH-050 Pressure Cooker Rare Continuous Trap
TBH-051 Equal Opportunity Common Trap
TBH-052 Overclock Feedback Super Rare Trap
TBH-053 Antimatter Fusion Rare Continuous Spell
TBH-054 Broken Masquerade Rare Trap
TBH-055 Rank-Up Magic Negative Fateline Super Rare Spell
TBH-056 Negative Z Rare Trap
TBH-057 Gyro Recycler Rare Continuous Spell

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