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A Structure Deck based on the strength of Harpie Ladys and Equip Spell Cards and WIND mosters. Two cards, "Thunder Nyan Nyan" and "Storm Nyan Nyan" are not WIND Monsters, they are LIGHT, but were added to this Structure Deck because they are creatures of the mountain, as well as the "Harpie Lady"s, the Gryphons and the other Dragon-type Monsters and Thunder-Type Monsters of WIND attribute.


SDPC-001 - Cyber Harpie Lady with Rose Whip and Aero Nail

SDPC-002 - Cyber Harpie Lady with Rose Whip 2

SDPC-003 - Cyber Harpie Lady with Rose Whip 3

SDPC-004 - Harpie Lady Shield


SD1-001 - Cyber Harpie Lady

SD1-002 - Cyber Harpie Lady Sisters

SD1-002 - Cyber Harpie Lady with Rose Whip

SD1-004 - Necro Harpie Lady

SD1-007 - Pacific Gryphon

SD1-008 - Battle Gryphon

SD1-009 - Gryphon Raider

SD1-010 - Cyber Harpie Queen

SD1-011 - Harpie Girl LV4

SD1-012 - Harpie Dancer

SD1-013 - Harpie Girl

SD1-014 - Harpie Lady 1

SD1-015 - Harpie Queen

SD1-016 - Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon

SD1-017 - Harpie's Pet Dragon

SD1-018 - Thunder Nyan Nyan

SD1-019 - Thunder Drum

SD1-020 - Storm Nail

SD1-021 - Lightning Ax

SD1-022 - Storm Nyan Nyan

SD1-023 - Harpie Lady Necross

SD1-024 - Harpie's Feather MegaDuster

SD1-025 - Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation

SD1-026 - Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation

SD1-027 - Cyber Shield

SD1-028 - Harpie's Feather Duster

SD1-029 - Elegant Egotist

SD1-030 - Elegant Kaleidoscope

SD1-031 - Queen Commandments

SD1-032 - Aero Nail

SD1-033 - Harpie's Feather Shot

SD1-034 - Cyber Armor

SD1-035 - Nightmare Whip

SD1-036 - Sudden Increase

SD1-037 - Seduction

SD1-038 - Grave Arm

SD1-039 - Grave Hole's Hand

SD1-040 - Harpie's 3-Claws Attack‎

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