The Freud's Garden
USA English: The Freud's Garden
Creator: YataMaki
Card Attribute: Spell Card Spell
Property: Field Field
Card Lore: All "Freud's Garden" monsters increase their ATK and DEF in 300. Both players can Summon or Set monsters in their respective Spell & Trap card Zone and set or activate Spells and Trap Cards in their respective Monster Cards Zone. If 1 or more "Herbal Tokens" you control would be destroyed by an opponent's card effect, your opponent must pay 500 LP by each "Herbal Token" that would be destroyed. If he/she doesn't, that card´s effect is negated and that card is destroyed.
Description: A garden filled of Hippies and many beasts with some talking plants...
Sets With This Card: Return to the Dark Age (RTDA-EN043)
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Freud's Garden Cards

Freud's Garden Processor - Freud's Garden Consumer - Freud's Garden Shaman - Freud's Garden Infiltrate

Freud's Garden Tourist - Freud's Garden Farmer - Freud's Garden Aggresor - Freud's Garden Distributor

Freud's Garden Great Cape

Support Cards

The Freud's Garden - After the Rave - Psychodelic Blooming - The First Dose

Negative of the Cape - Overdose - Escape from Capture - Share the Blow

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