The Phoenix Set is an archetype introduced in Force of the Phoenix!. Phoenix cards are a new set base off the Phoenix not X-Men Phoenix but the real Phoenix in myth.

Phoenix is set off cards that was made-up for a Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon hybrid story. These card sets belong to a girl in the story name Danielle she hardness the Power of the Phoenix and created a Phoenix Deck.

Phoenix's ability for rebirth I tried to bring the Phoenix amazing ability with it on the set when I build this set. The Phoenix was a amazing so I knew I had to make a set I thought it was cool if Phoenix was a card.



The Phoenix series are a set of Winged-Beasts,Warrior,and Spellcaster-Type monsters with mostly a Fire Attribute, most frequently used by Danielle in Generation Duelist!.

While the Phoenix Set is mainly special effects it mostly surrounds the Phoenix.

The Phoenix Set are also supported by many Spell and Trap Cards and can be easily used in combination, besides the monster, granting Danielle a myriad of strategies.

Phoenix Spells

Phoenix Fusion

The Phoenix Spells series are a set of spells all about the Phoenix set. Like Phoenix Fusion is a Spell card that I design like Fusion instead of two monsters fuse together to form one the idea was the spell card itself it the fusion material for instead I want to summon my Phoenix Queen instead of fusing from my field,hand,or graveyard i just summon it, but Phoenix Fusion has a downfall you cant attack on the turn that Phoenix Fusion Monster that was summon. Also the Phoenix Spell helps the Phoenix and destroy the Phoenix it kinda weird, but in the end it show the Power of the Phoenix.

Phoenix Traps

The Phoenix Trap are a series of traps that pull out the true Power of the Phoenix and shows the Rebirth of the Phoenix this traps are the most dangerous traps in my sets I'm not saying that these traps are the most powerful in the game,but if they were real boy they sure would be something to watch out for.

More Phoenix

There more Phoenix Card that also goes with the Phoenix Set. There a Set Phoenixs which is base around Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys, but the card have something to do with Phoenix Set.