The Real Duelist is a created booster pack by Kyu Renjo. It is the collection of "Accel Duel Stadium" archetype. It was made in April and May 2008.


The strategy of this booster are to not allow many opponent's monsters on the field, to collect Accel Counter and remove it to activate some magics and traps, and to send as many as "The Accel" monsters to the graveyard and then summon high-level monster, like Z, The Accel Worldmaster.

But, after the Fusion Monsters of The Accel are made, the strategy of fusion monsters can also be used.


13 Monster (ALL effect monsters).

Some Spell cards.

Some Traps cards.

List of CardsEdit

Cards to build the combos:

TRD-000: Accel Duel Stadium

TRD-001: Accel Duel Counter

TRD-002: Tribune Assist

Monsters that played normally:

TRD-003: Adschy, The Accel Physician

TRD-004: Amfard, The Accel Connector

TRD-005: Chimozy, The Accel Dunker

TRD-006: Draze, The Accel Alchemist

TRD-007: Fenria, The Accel Singer

TRD-008: Ilfaul, The Accel Shooter

TRD-009: Milvir, The Accel Natureman

TRD-010: Rendtr, The Accel Somplax

TRD-011: Snap, The Accel Detective

TRD-012: Fylair, The Accel Nomad

Monster that played as "vital" monster:

TRD-013: Hiln, The Accel Searcher

TRD-014: Sawnfia, The Accel Punisher

TRD-015: Z, The Accel Worldmaster

Spell and Trap cards:

TRD-016: Friend Force

TRD-017: Hero of The Stadium

TRD-018: Surprising Accel Gift

TRD-019: Secret Shield

TRD-020: Revival of The Battlers

TRD-021: Critical Point

TRD-022: Duel Card Remover

TRD-023: Duel Destruction

TRD-024: Accel Shift Change

TRD-025: Emergency Duel Stadium

TRD-026: Duel Bomber

TRD-027: Flash Armor

TRD-028: Alchemy Blast

TRD-029: Duo Team

TRD-030: Revival of The Alchemist

TRD-031: Duel Fusion

TRD-032: Battle Panels

TRD-033: Accel Tuning System

TRD-034: Spirit of Rebuttal

TRD-035: Element Blink

Fusion monster:

TRD-051: Skrain, The Guardian Accel of Darkness

TRD-052: Purain, The Guardian Accel of Light

TRD-053: Firtia, The Guardian Accel of Earth

TRD-054: Amsetin, The Guardian Accel of Wind

TRD-055: Hiln EX, The Guardian Accel of Fire

TRD-056: Sawnfia EX, The Guardian Accel of Water

The Accel

Monster Cards

Adschy, The Accel Physician - Amfard, The Accel Connector - Chimozy, The Accel Dunker - Draze, The Accel Alchemist- Fenria, The Accel Singer -

Ilfaul, The Accel Shooter - Milvir, The Accel Natureman - Rendtr, The Accel Somplax - Snap, The Accel Detective - Fylair, The Accel Nomad

Hiln, The Accel Searcher - Sawnfia, The Accel Punisher - Z, The Accel Worldmaster - Accel Big Counter - Accel Counter

Fusion Monster Cards

Skrain, The Guardian Accel of Darkness - Purain, The Guardian Accel of Light - Firtia, The Guardian Accel of Earth -

Amsetin, The Guardian Accel of Wind - Hiln EX, The Guardian Accel of Fire - Sawnfia EX, The Guardian Accel of Water

Spell Cards

Accel Duel Stadium - Tribune Assist -

Friend Force - Hero of The Stadium - Secret Shield - Revival of The Battlers - Emergency Duel Stadium - Duel Bomber - Alchemy Blast -

Duo Team - Revival of The Alchemist - Duel Fusion

Trap Cards

Accel Duel Counter -

Surprising Accel Gift - Critical Point - Duel Card Remover - Duel Destruction - Accel Shift Change - Flash Armor - Battle Panels

Extra InfromationEdit

The name of these monsters card are found by shortening the name of my friends in the class, some teachers, and my headmasters. Hehehehe... There are also some cards that copy the effect of some cards in Yuki Judai's Neo Neos Deck.

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