The Return of the Gods is a set created by Dragen, a polish YGO player. It was finished on 1st November, so beware! The Gods are coming!

Attention: The rarities on the card images are to be updated soon.

Set InfoEdit


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29 Monster Cards 14 Spell Cards 2 Trap Cards

Quick SpoilerEdit

TROG-EN001: Celtic Goddes - Abnoba

TROG-EN002: Celtic Spirit - The Forest

TROG-EN003: Celtic Spirit - The River

TROG-EN004: Celtic Druid - Vates

TROG-EN005: Celtic Beast - Wales the Calm

TROG-EN006: Celtic Beast - Goidel the Blessed

TROG-EN007: Celtic Sidhe - Esus

TROG-EN008: Celtic Nymph - Fand

TROG-EN009: Dagda the Almighty

TROG-EN010: Stonehenge

TROG-EN011: Gift of the Forest

TROG-EN012: Glare of the Forest

TROG-EN013: Awakening of the Nature

TROG-EN014: The Holy Nemeton

TROG-EN015: Death Scythe - Angel of Redemption

TROG-EN016: Death Sword - Angel of Damnation

TROG-EN017: Judgement of the Sky

TROG-EN018: Enigma of Sky Temple

TROG-EN019: The Agent of Time - Pluton

TROG-EN020: The Agent of Dissension - Eris

TROG-EN021: Conjuction

TROG-EN022: Eye of Horus

TROG-EN023: Zirnitra, The Black God of Sorcery

TROG-EN024: Aq Yilan, The Golden God of Magnanimity

TROG-EN025: Quetzalcoatl, The Silver God of Fertility

TROG-EN026: Y Ddraig Goch, The Red God of Misery

TROG-EN027: Kihai Beast - Erkah

TROG-EN028: Kihai Beast - Karatah

TROG-EN029: Kihai Beast - Narah

TROG-EN030: Kihai Beast - Shuikah

TROG-EN031: Kihai Beast - Cretah

TROG-EN032: Kihai Beast - Karuth-in, the Mighty One

TROG-EN033: Tezcatlipoca of the Anahuac

TROG-EN034: Tlaloc of the Anahuac

TROG-EN035: Chalchiuhtlicue of the Anahuac

TROG-EN036: Mayahuel of the Anahuac

TROG-EN037: Coatlicue of the Anahuac

TROG-EN038: Xochiquetzal of the Anahuac

TROG-EN039: The Earthy Sun - Nahui Ocelotl

TROG-EN040: The Windy Sun - Nahui Ehecatl

TROG-EN041: The Watery Sun - Nahui Atl

TROG-EN042: The Firey Sun - Nahui Quiahuitl

TROG-EN043: The Moving Sun - Nahui Ollin

TROG-EN044: Tlalocan, the Floody Underworld

TROG-EN045: Tzitzimimeh Pressure

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