Tobias Winchester is a fictional character, appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! HYPERFORCE, by StarlightSG. He is an astrologist with a passion to undercover the dark origins of the Cult, and finding ‘The Descendant.’


Tobias is an extremely serious individual, with no sense of humour. He has often times been regarded as an ‘edgy, mysterious’ individual, however also as an incredible source of information. He is quite reclusive at times, as he has difficulty finding trust in other people, likely due to an undesirable past.


Tobias has deep, black hair, which sweeps into a single bang on the left side of his face. He has a fairly tanned skin tone, and a thin face with green eyes and a small nose. He is usually seen in a white lab coat, but underneath has a black, robe-like tee with various complex and unknown patterns, coloured red, with the only discernible shape being the Zodiac symbol of Aries. He wears a singular, black glove on his right hand, with a pattern that seems to continue onto a bracelet worn on the same arm, which has an engraved space for some sort of stone.


Yufa Goyami - Tobias was responsible for saving Yufa’s life, after the Executioner Cultist nearly defeated him.


Genius-level Intellect - Tobias has above-average intellect, which helps him in understanding and investigating cosmology as well as individual timestreams and parallel universes, leading to his Integrated Dimensions Theory. Expert Strategist - Tobias has been noted to be exceptionally gifted in strategising, even being able to predict outcomes and opposing moves, simply from one or two cards being played.

Near/Eidetic Memory - Tobias’ memory appears to be at least nearly perfect, as he remembers eveything he sees and learns, except for one key moment in his past he can’t quite recall.