• Cover Card is "Righteous Fighter".
  • Introduces the Pencil type
  • New Cards for Spirit Monsters and Gadget Monsters
Trial of the Righteous
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
TOTR-001 Adverse Reaction Secret Rare Spell Card
TOTR-002 Player Possessor Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TOTR-003 Gambler of Death Common Normal Monster
TOTR-004 Suicide Bomber Rare Effect Monster
TOTR-005 Orange Gadget Common Effect Monster
TOTR-006 White Gadget Secret Rare Effect Monster
TOTR-007 Hitodama Rare Effect Monster
TOTR-008 Goth Magician Girl Common Normal Monster
TOTR-009 Righteous Fighter Ghost Rare Ritual Monster
TOTR-010 Pink Gadget Common Fusion Monster
TOTR-011 Elemental Hero Toon Sparkman Ultra Rare Toon Monster
TOTR-012 Fire Mosquito Common Effect Monster
TOTR-013 Pencil Tree Common Effect Monster
TOTR-014 Kenny, Six Samurai Hero-Worshipper Common Effect Monster
TOTR-015 Interdimensional Teleporter Rare Trap Card

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