Types are a means to split monsters into groups (in a broader way to what Attributes do) in order to enable Support Cards granting various effects, to a specific order of monsters.

Each monster has 1 Type, and there are currently 24 different legal Types in the OCG & TCG, 1 Type from the videogames recognized by this wikia, and 3 custom Types allowed on this wikia.

If a user of this wikia wishes to add a new Type, please place your request in this page's talk page.

Real Monster Types

Aqua Aqua.png

See the main article, Aqua.

Beast Beast.png

See the main article, Beast.

Beast-Warrior Beast-Warrior.png

See the main article, Beast-Warrior.

Dinosaur Dinosaur.png

See the main article, Dinosaur.

Dragon Dragon.png

See the main article, Dragon.

Fairy Fairy.png

See the main article, Fairy.

Fiend Fiend.png

See the main article, Fiend.

Fish Fish.png

See the main article, Fish.

Insect Insect.png

See the main article, Insect.

Machine Machine.png

See the main article, Machine.

Plant Plant.png

See the main article, Plant.

Psychic %3F.png

See the main article, Psychic.

Pyro Pyro.png

See the main article, Pyro.

Reptile Reptile.png

See the main article, Reptile.

Rock Rock.png

See the main article, Rock.

Sea Serpent Sea_Serpent.png

See the main article, Sea Serpent.

Spellcaster Spellcaster.png

See the main article, Spellcaster.

Thunder Thunder.png

See the main article, Thunder.

Warrior Warrior.png

See the main article, Warrior.

Winged Beast Winged_Beast.png

See the main article, Winged Beast.


See the main article, Wyrm.

Zombie Zombie.png

See the main article, Zombie.

Special Monster Types

Divine-Beast Divine-Beast.png

See the main article, Divine-Beast.

Immortal Immortal

See the main article, Immortal.

Creator God

See the main article, Creator God.

Made-Up Monster Types:


Pixie (妖精 Yōsei, Fairy) monsters, formerly named Nymph, are a Type introduced by NovaTsukimori, representing actual fairy creatures that are more earthly in nature, like sprites and sylphs, as opposed to the angelic beings of the Fairy-Type. Outside of Archetypes, Pixie-Type monsters tend to play on the mischievous aspects of the fae, being a Type that usually focuses on stalling and sabotaging the enemy, as well as being able to continue their harassment by replacing themselves upon destruction ("floaters", so to speak).


Ghost monsters are a new type, with the advent of the Undead Realms. The strategy of Ghost monsters is to either pair up with Spirits or to swarm in the sense Zombies do. Ghost monsters usually represent Spirits, but are not Spirit monsters. They are a little Zombie-like, but they do not really fit in the Zombie-type category. They are usually spirits, souls, and other Ghost-like things.


Civilian monsters are another new Type, one representing noncombatants that are willing to risk themselves in a combat, but have no actual training in survival and using weapons, making them distinct from Warrior. They tend to be regular people, or offshoots of other Types that are more peaceful and supportive than they should be. However, these monsters can have Attributes, Levels, ATK, and DEF.

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