Type-Zero cards are a series of Machine-Type monsters. All of them have "Type-Zero" in their card names, and have 0 ATK and DEF. They also have an effect that destroys them if their ATK and DEF are not 0. However, they have great effects. A Type-Zero Deck relies on Fusion Summoning "Type-Zero Armored Knight" and using "Zero Bomb" to inflict burn damage on the opponent.

Effect Monsters

Type-Zero Breaker - Type-Zero Stealth Warrior - Type-Zero Counter-Breaker
Type-Zero Trap Buster - Type-Zero Spell Cabceller
Type-Zero Modulator - Type-Zero Defender

Fusion Monsters
Type-Zero Armored Knight

Synchro Monsters
Type-Zero Orbital Frame

Support Cards
Zero Bomb - Zero Draw - Zero Fusion - Zero Shield
Zero Resolution - Zero Zone - Zero Outbreak - Zero Shift

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