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CleanUp This set is not finished. If you want to help, please ask the author of the deck on his/her talk page or this set's discussion page.

contact UDK to help

Ultimate Chaos is a created booster pack by Chaos Dragon, Terrywiz,Ultimate Dragon Knight, and Rangerkid51. Sixty-two cards have been released so far, out of at least seventy.

Card BreakdoEdit


[ 1 Parallel Rare]19 Ultra Rare


41 Monster (1 Normal, 17 Effect, 2 Ritual, 19 Fusion, 3 toon

List of CardsEdit

UCS-000: Chaotic Emperor Soldier

UCS-001: Chinese Dragon - Lóng

UCS-002: Ancient Dueling Rulebook

UCS-003: Lightning Strike!

UCS-004: Advanced 8-Star Ritual

UCS-005: Elemental Hero Necroid Swampman

UCS-006: Elemental Hero Shining Necroid Swampman

UCS-007: Elemental Hero Shining Rainbow Phoenix Flareman

UCS-008: Elemental Hero Shining Swampman

UCS-009: Elemental Hero Swampman

UCS-010: Superior Serpent, Armikyht

UCS-011: Triplet Serpent Ramon

UCS-012: Triplet Serpent Slria

UCS-013: Triplet Serpent Obiel

UCS-014: The Gigantic Swamp

UCS-015: Curse from the Chaotic

UCS-016: Realm of Chaos

UCS-017: Ultimate Dragon Knight

UCS-018: Chaos Dragon

UCS-019: Red-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

UCS-020: Ultimate Chaos Dragon Knight

UCS-021: Relinquished 2.0

UCS-022: Study of Ancient Secrets

UCS-023: Sage of Life

UCS-024: A Visit to the Library

UCS-025: Mask of Heroes

UCS-026: Giga Ray

UCS-027: Monster Truckroid

UCS-028: Hospitalroid

UCS-029: Super Vehicroid - Stealth Copter

UCS-030: Heart of the Cards Spell

UCS-031: Heart of the Cards Trap

UCS-032: Super Vehicroid - Mechanized Dragon

UCS-033: Mechanical Overload

UCS-034: Blue Gadget

UCS-035: Ultimate Gadget

UCS-036: Light Sorcerer

UCS-037: Lock of Chaos

UCS-038: Crystal Beast Jade Owl

UCS-039: Cyberspace

UCS-040: Magnet Warrior Sigma Plus

UCS-041: Magnet Warrior Sigma Minus

UCS-042: Magnet Warrior Sigma Plus Minus

UCS-043: Gadget Warrior Sigma Plus

UCS-044: Gadget Warrior Sigma Minus

UCS-045: Unknown Elixir

UCS-046: Nuclear Radiation

UCS-047: Chaos Emperor – Black Luster Soldier

UCS-048: Gadget Warrior Sigma Plus Minus

UCS-049: Super Conductor Gadget Magnet Mech

UCS-050: Tankroid

UCS-051: Dozeroid

UCS-052: Crystal Beast Diamond Adder

UCS-053: Crystal Beast Obsidian Rock Lizard

UCS-054: Turbo Warrior

UCS-055: Chimeratech Synchron

UCS-056: Crystal Beast Opal Otter

UCS-057: Toon Dragon Master Knight

UCS-058: Vehicroid Radar

UCS-059: Super Vehicroid-Stealth Synchron

UCS-060: Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Collosseus

UCS-061: Gladiator Beast Charybdis


If you'd like to help, simply ask Chaos Dragon, Terrywiz, or U.D.K. on the forum.

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