Ultimate Infinity Number: Melodious Paradiso Luquier
UNo.∞:幻奏法混沌進化竜神 ”MESSIAH” ルギルス
USA English: Ultimate Infinity Number: Melodious Paradiso Luquier
JPN Japanese: UNo.∞:幻奏法混沌進化竜神 ”MESSIAH” ルギルス
JPN Phonetic: Kyūkyoku Nanbāzu Muteki: Gensō Hōkontonshinkaryūshin Mesaia Rugirusu
JPN Translated: Ultimate Numbers Infinite: Gensou Law and Chaotic Evolution Dragon God "MESSIAH" Lugiels
Card Attribute: DARK DARK
Card Type(s): Messiah/Link
Link Markers: Bottom, Left-Bottom, Right-Bottom
ATK/LINK:  ?/3
Card Lore: 3 Pendulum Dragon-Type monsters.
Summon Chant: Beyond within the all mighty force! This is your legendary monster, born from the originate world! Appear, Kyūkyoku Numbers Infinite!! Emotion of the light and darkness... shatter the three gods' evil that never existed! Gensō Law and Chaotic... Across the limits of the timelines ever exist!! This is my ace's true colors, you will face the wrath of the Luquier... Evolution Dragon God... MESSIAH Lugiels!!!
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