Light and Darknesss unite in the Unity of Light and Darkness CCG Booster! The first GMOC Incorporated Booster. This set heavily focuses on combining the best properties of the Light and Dark Attribute monsters and the new MULTITYPE monsters!. Also introduces the new Devils and Backwards monster card Archtypes.


Common - 9:1

Rare - 1:1

Super Rare - 1:5

Ultra Rare - 1:12

Ultimate Rare - 1:36

Secret Rare - 1:24


If there isn't any rarity beside a card name it is a common card.


Booster pack a

Da Light n Dark Dragon(Mah Inspiration 4 Da Set)

UoL/D-EN000 - Overlord of Light and Shadows (Secret Rare)

UoL/D-EN001 - Overlord of Light and Shadows

UoL/D-EN002 - Foot-Man of Light and Shadows (Rare)

UoL/D-EN003 - Shiny Army of the Shadow Realm

UoL/D-EN004 - Light and Darkness Dragon (Ultimate Rare)

UoL/D-EN005 - Light & Darkness Dragon #2 (Ultimate Rare)

UoL/D-EN006 - Shadow Army of Heaven

UoL/D-EN007 - Corrupted Angel

UoL/D-EN008 - Pure Devil

UoL/D-EN009 - Devil Soldier Kazama

UoL/D-EN010 - Devil Soldier Kazama #2

UoL/D-EN011 - Devil Soldier

UoL/D-EN012 - Devil Wanderer

UoL/D-EN013 - Devil Captain Mishima

UoL/D-EN014 - Grand Devil Master Jingaioh (Ultimate Rare/Super Rare)

UoL/D-EN015 - Elemental Hero Super-Nova

UoL/D-EN016 - Cyber-Hero Blade Master

UoL/D-EN017 - Cyber-Hero Turret-Man

UoL/D-EN018 - Cyber-Hero Aqua Soldier

UoL/D-EN019 - Cyber-Hero Flame Vanguard (Super Rare)

UoL/D-EN020 - Cyber-Hero Flame Blaster (Rare)

UoL/D-EN021 - Cyber-Hero Mecha-Claw

UoL/D-EN022 - Cyber-Hero Shark-Blast-Man

UoL/D-EN023 - Jormugand, the World Serphent

UoL/D-EN024 - Undefined Onyx Bear

UoL/D-EN025 - Beaked Snake (Alternate Art)

UoL/D-EN026 - Crystal Beast Onyx Snake

UoL/D-EN027 - Dugoroziouro, the Dragon Lord (Ultimate Rare)

UoL/D-EN028 - Synchro Blaster Enitaya

UoL/D-EN029 - Enitaya Synchron

UoL/D-EN030 - Grand Dragon Master

UoL/D-EN031 - Elemental Hero Supernova (Ultra Rare}