Warping Dimensions is a booster pack set that I, Laserwolf12, am currently working on. This set features three new archetypes. They are Time Breachers, Space Breachers, and Reality Breachers. The cover card is Time Master Dialga.

Warping Dimensions
(TCG English)

WGDS-EN000: Time Master Dialga

WGDS-EN001: Time Breacher Droid

WGDS-EN002: Time Breacher Hammer Master

WGDS-EN003: Space Master Palkia

WGDS-EN004: Space Breacher Reaper

WGDS-EN005: Time-Space Zone

WGDS-EN006: Space Breacher Magician

WGDS-EN007: Time Breacher Knight

WGDS-EN008: Reality Breacher Paladin

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