This set is Created by TheCatastrophe. This set is made up of mostly warrior-type monsters, each having its own effect that helps it in battle.

Battle Squire WOL-001

Knighthood WOL-002

Battle Knight WOL-003

Battle Archer WOL-004

Battle Arrows WOL-005

Ancient Magical Arrow WOL-006

Battle Magician WOL-007

Battle Mage WOL-008

Battle Cleric WOL-008

Battle Necromancer WOL-009

Battle Lancer WOL-010

Battle Ninja WOL-011

Battlefield WOL-012

Battle Sword WOL-013

Battle Shield WOL-014

Stage Select WOL-015

Back-up Batttalion WOL-016

Shield of Heaven WOL-017

Sword of Heavenly Light WOL-018

The Gate of Attack WOL-019

Secret Attack WOL-020

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