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Wild Monsters

Wild Monsters are a new card type, with their own set of rules. They were created by Kidmaximum to expand the Yu-Gi-Oh! advanced gameplay. Wild Monsters are red-colored cards, instead of DEF they have HP (Hit Points). To use them you need to know the rules! Look Below!


The Rules of Wild Monsters [v.1c]:

1. Wild Monsters go in your deck, just like any traditional monster would! They also play like traditional monsters, you still have to tribute for High Level monsters!

2. Wild Monsters have HP instead of DEF. HP is white colored so players don't get confused

3. When a player attacks with a face-up attack position Wild Monster all normal rules apply, that is if you attacked a lower ATK or equal ATK monster. When you attack a higher ATK monster your HP is decreased by the total amount of ATK you attacked. But when your opponent attacks a face-up attack position, face-up defense position or a set Wild Monster it's HP is decreased by the amount of ATK from the attacking monster. So it's NOT destroyed even if it battled with a monster with higher ATK!!! But there is a catch! Every monster can attack a wild monster, regardless of it's ATK!!! So a 1000 ATK normal monster can attack a 4000 ATK wild monster!!! It's HP is still decreased by that 1000 though...

4. When a monster's HP reaches 0 or below 0, it is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard! Of course if the HP is lower than the ATK of the monster that attacked it, your Life Points still get hit! (1800 ATK ---> 1000 remaining HP ---> 800 Battle Damage!)


Metal Zoe

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