Turn 10: The Spirits

JOVI: I have to go home now! I just remember I have a schedule in my school this evening! Gotta hurry!

In the middle of my journey to go home, he saw Oscar’s Duel.

JOVI: Mmm? Isn’t that Oscar? Is he Dueling? Maybe I should watch his Duel.

OSCAR & A boy: DUEL!!!!

OSCAR: I’m first, draw! I summon Vorse Raider in Attack Mode and I Set a card, Turn End.

A boy: My turn, draw! I summon Panther Warrior in Attack Mode!

OSCAR: Trap Card, open! A Rival Appears! I Special Summon Battle Ox in Attack Mode!

A boy: Turn End.

OSCAR: My turn, draw! I activate Spell Card Soul Exchange! Now I can Tribute Summon using one of your monster, so I Tribute 2 monsters on my field and your Panther Warrior to summon Obelisk the Tormentor! I Direct Attack you!

JOVI: (Is he crazy?! I felt such pain when Slifer attacked my Neos! What will happen if the God attacks a player directly?! I must stop him!) Stop!


JOVI: Huaaaaaaaa!!!!!! (I was right! That pain......)

OSCAR: What were you doing? Why did you block Obelisk’s attack?

JOVI: could kill him....if Obelisk’s attack.....went through......


JOVI: can’ yourself.....I gotta go.

OSCAR: ????

In home....

JOVI: So Oscar has the last God card? Never thought of it. This God card...., could bring disasters to the world if they fall onto wrong hands. Maybe I should put it in my Deck.

NEOS: If you want, then don’t put it with Elemental Heroes.

JOVI: Why not?

NEOS: I don’t know. We, Elemental Heroes, feel something weird if we are close to the Gods.

JOVI: Oh, yeah, there’s something I want to ask you. How could you talk to me?

NEOS: Maybe you should ask him too.

JOVI: Dark Magician?!

DARK MAGICIAN: Yes. We are your Duel Spirits. That’s because your bond with your cards. Any Duelist with a strong bond to their cards should have at least one Duel Spirit.

JOVI: Awesome!

NEOS: Harder battles are waiting for you. You should use your God. Make a new Deck without us, Elemental Heroes.

JOVI: But....

NEOS: That’s fine. We know you would need God’s power to beat them all. But we can’t help you if you use God.

JOVI: I’m sorry, Neos. Dark Magician, I’m counting on you!


1 hour later.....

JOVI: It’s finished! Now I will go to school to attend the party.

NEOS: Hey, have you known where the final place is?

JOVI: I dunno. Let’s place the Puzzle Cards in their positions.

NEOS: There? In the stadium?

JOVI: Uh-uh. But Pegasus said we have to be there before 7 p.m. We still have plenty of time left. And that place is not too far from my school.

DARK MAGICIAN: Hey, you go there just to meet her, right?

JOVI: How do you know?

DARK MAGICIAN: I’ve known you since you knew this game for the first time, about 5 years ago. I have known about you so much. Let’s go or she will get angry.

JOVI: Let’s Go!!!