Turn 11: Tag Duel!!

JOVI: There’ve been many students at the school! I should have come early!

ALEX: I thought you won’t come. Didn’t you participate in the Battle City?

JOVI: Hm? Oh, I came because you wanted me to come. Don’t you remember? Beside, the next round will start at 7 p.m. I’m bored at home, so I come here.

ALEX: But I never thought you would obey me.

JOVI: Of course I would, because you are.....

ALEX: I am what?

JOVI: Nah, you know about that. Let’s go inside.

She is the girl that was mentioned by Dark Magician, Alexa Stoner. Her friends call her ‘Alex’.

JOVI: Hey girl, how could a girl like you don’t have a boy to dance with? Where’s your lovely boy?

ALEX: Don’t mock me, we broke up and you have known about that. Were you jealous, huh? JOVI: A little bit. So, want to dance?

ALEX: Sure.

Suddenly, that moment had to end quickly. Oscar came to the school, chasing 2 men in black coat.

OSCAR: Give them back! My Puzzle Cards!!

JOVI: (What? What’s going on? Oscar!? I don’t know what happens, but I have to help him!) STOP!!!

???: Hehehehe, as we thought you would do something seeing your friend like this.

JOVI: Did you lose your Duel against them? If you did, why are you chasing those guys?

OSCAR: Of course I didn’t! They stole my Puzzle Cards!

JOVI: Humph, cheaters. Now give them back to him.

???: We will, if you beat us in a Tag Duel.

OSCAR: Tag Duel?

JOVI: That doesn’t matter. We’re gonna beat you two, cheaters!!!

OSCAR: Why do you do this? You said I’m your strongest opponent ever! Then you can just let me Duel by myself!

JOVI: Because you are my strongest opponent, I always hope you will make it through. I’m gonna Duel you in the Final!

OSCAR: You....Right, we’re gonna beat them!

???: Nice, but first pardon us to introduce ourselves. I’m Lumis and he is Umbra.

UMBRA: We are the Light and Darkness Team from Ghouls.

OSCAR: We don’t care about it, just let’s begin!

JOVI: (Oh, no. Why did they come here? My best night ever is ruined! But it’s okay, for my best Duel ever against Oscar!)


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